Bedroom Lighting

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The normal sleep time for everyone is about 8 hours a day. This means we spend at least a third of our time in the bedroom. So we have to choose good bedroom lighting. This is not only related to the lighting of the bedroom; but to the beauty of the bedroom and how people sleep.

So how do we choose lights to decorate our bedrooms?

The most common bedroom light is the ceiling light and pendant light, which can be used as the main light to illuminate your bedroom. The shape is usually rectangular, square or round and can be selected according to the bedroom style, such as modern, classical, European, and other styles. It is best to have a desk lamp on the counter for reading before going to bed, and for playing with mobile phones and watching videos before going to bed. Playing with mobile phones in the dark is not good for our eyes. You can also prepare wall lamps, which are also a good choice. If you are used to sleeping with the lights on, you can choose adjustable wall lights, which will help you sleep.

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