Gold lamp
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  1. Technology : electroplating
The electroplating process is used for the metal part of the lighting, such as the lamp holder, lamp shade, and the appearance decoration part of the lighting. Through the plating process, a metal deposit layer can be formed on the metal surface, which can have different colors and glossiness, thus enhancing the decorative effect and artistic sense of the lighting. The plating process can also be used for the protective part of lighting, such as anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, and so on.
electroplated gold base
plated french gold base
This is electroplating French gold, which is a new surface treatment process that combines the electroplating process with the French gold process. It combines the high brightness of electric gold plating and the delicate texture of French gold, making the metal surface show a more unique luster and texture. The advantage of electroplating French gold is its noble and elegant appearance while having better wear resistance and corrosion resistance.