"Elegant Illumination: The Rose Diamond Table Lamp"

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 Today, I would like to introduce you to the crystal table lamp. The general crystal table lamp is made of some high-grade glass. The light effect of glass refraction is similar to that of real natural crystal. Natural crystals are formed by nature, so the quantity is very limited. And the price is also very high. But it is very beautiful and is liked by many people. The quantity of natural crystals is limited, and the price is high. Later, people thought of using glass to replace it, and made up for the natural crystal's impurities, making it look more pure. Subsequently, it was used in home lighting, so the lamp made of glass is also known as the crystal lamp. I believe you have seen this kind of product. Because we are lighting manufacturers, so the wholesale price is relatively lower. This lamp is cylindrical, its glass material looks very delicate, smooth, and transparent. The lamp's Body Material is made of glass, and Shade material is made of Acrylic. At the top is a touch, a tap can change the color of the light. Because the light effect of this crystal table lamp is a rose shape, it is also called a rose diamond table lamp.

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