Interior Lighting Ideas

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Interior Lighting not only affects people's visual comfort but also affects people's psychological feelings, quality of life, and energy consumption. Then how to choose our interior lighting, I will share lighting tips from various parts of the room with you.

Living room

First, we go into the living room. In addition to the bedroom, the living room is where we usually stay more, like usually after dinner, we will sit in the living room with relatives for entertainment and rest. As the main lighting in the living room, we can choose bright, atmospheric, simple styles, such as crystal chandeliers or ceiling lights.

As auxiliary lighting, we can choose floor lamps or desk lamps, which can increase the sense of layer and atmosphere of the space, a person can enjoy the quiet atmosphere around when reading.

living room chandeliers


Next, we go into the kitchen, kitchen lighting we choose ceiling lights, the kitchen is relatively smaller than the living room, so when choosing brightness need to avoid too bright or dark situations. The local lighting in the kitchen is chosen downlights or spotlights with moisture-proof functions, which can provide local lighting for the operating table and the stove to enhance safety.

kitchen ceiling light

Dining room

The delicious dinner is finished. Walk to the dining room. We can choose the chandelier, choose a good color, and can cause appetite of the chandelier, such as the warm color chandelier, as far as possible the light can gather on the delicious food. If you want a romantic atmosphere, you can choose a lamp with adjustable brightness to meet your different dining needs, or you can also light a candle and enjoy your dinner.

dining room chandelier


In the bedroom, the bedroom main lighting can choose a small chandelier or ceiling light to provide basic lighting needs. Ceiling lights can choose a soft, warm light source, while small chandeliers can increase decoration. Don't forget to install a bedside lamp, which can provide you with a comfortable reading light source, you can choose a wall lamp or desk lamp. Styling and soft lighting styles are more conducive to relaxation and help warm up the feelings between partners.

LED 1 pendant light


At this time, the noise outside makes you noisy, so you go to the study and close the door, ready to immerse yourself in reading. The lighting of the study can choose wall lamps or table lamps, table lamps can provide enough light source, and wall lamps help protect your eyes.

study table lamp


Then you remember you haven't showered yet and go into the bathroom. The bathroom can choose a soft ceiling light, but also need to choose a good waterproof performance. You may also want to consider adding a local lighting set to enhance the security of your washing area.

bathroom ceiling light


When you get out of the bathroom steaming hot, go to the balcony to blow the evening breeze, and open the small chandelier or ceiling light soft light source, you will find that the next day caught a cold. (Remember not to alternate between hot and cold)


In general, for different areas and uses, choosing the right lighting fixtures is the key. It is not only necessary to consider the lighting effect but also to consider the coordination with the overall decoration style, safety, energy-saving environmental protection, and other factors.