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Warm Decoration Simple And Elegant Romantic Goose Feather Bed Side Table Lamp

Color Temperature(CCT) :
  • TD012

  • Gold K

This white feather table lamp is made of feathers and three metal poles. The feathers cover the lamp source, making its light gentle.

Soft light: The light of the lamp is soft and not dazzling, and will not bring discomfort to the eyes. At the same time, the light is evenly distributed to illuminate the surrounding environment and provide a warm lighting atmosphere for the family.

Multiple light modes: This table lamp has a variety of light modes to choose from, and you can adjust the light brightness and color temperature according to different needs. For example, different light modes can be adjusted in reading, writing, working, and other scenes to improve work efficiency and comfort.

Energy saving and environmental protection: The lamp uses an LED light source, which has the advantages of low energy consumption and long life. While saving energy, it can also reduce environmental pollution. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting equipment.

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