What Is A K9 Crystal Chandelier?

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To begin with, you need to understand that crystal chandeliers are made up of certain materials. The earliest crystal chandeliers originated in Europe. At that time, crystal chandeliers were metal lamp frames with natural crystal/quartz pendants that were lit up by candles for lighting and decorative purposes. Due to the scarcity and difficult mining of natural crystals, they were expensive. Natural crystals also had a relatively poor hardness, were prone to wear and tear, and had a tendency to develop impurities inside them. Therefore, people began to simulate natural crystals and then the so-called K9 crystal chandeliers emerged.

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Strictly speaking, K9 crystal is also called K9 glass. K5 or K9 are their level, with K9 being a higher-quality one, but it is still not as good as Swarovski's crystals

What are the advantages of K9 crystal?

Firstly, the K9 crystal has excellent light transmission. It can produce beautiful refractive effects through light and has smooth cutting surfaces without fine lines. If it is inferior, you will find it dim and lacking in transparency.

Secondly, K9 crystal has a relatively high hardness, making it difficult to break and resistant to wear and tear. Compared to inferior ones, you will find its surface easy to scratch.

Thirdly, K9 crystal usually does not contain impurities or bubbles, showing natural transparency and luster. Sophisticated polishing and grinding techniques can restore the crystal's crystal clarity. Inferior ones will have impurities inside bubbles and other phenomena.

Fourthly, K9 crystal is very easy to clean, simply clean it with water to restore cleanliness.

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