Why Lamp Is Blinking?

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There are many reasons for light bulbs to blink, mainly including the following aspects:

Voltage instability: When the voltage is unstable, the lamp will blink. This is usually due to reasons such as overloading the grid or aging power lines.

Bulb aging: the bulb is used for too long, and the filament is easy to break or burn out, causing the bulb to flicker.

Poor lamp holder contact: Poor contact between the bulb and the lamp holder can also cause the bulb to flicker. This may be because impurities such as dust or oxides affect the contact.

Lamp type mismatch: If the type of lamp used does not match the lamp holder, it will also cause the lamp to flicker. For example, the lamp power used is too high or too low, or the type of lamp used does not match the lamp holder.

Circuit failure: If there is a circuit failure, such as a short circuit or circuit board damage, it will also cause the bulb to blink.

Finally, if the light is blinking, our first consideration is to replace a new bulb. If there are still problems, you can ask a professional to check the line.