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12 - 06
Amazon: From E-commerce Giant To Tech Innovation Leader
We talked about Alibaba yesterday, and today we're going to look at Amazon. Is also a giant in the field of e-commerce, why the market value is far higher than Alibaba? We analyzed the following points: Amazon, founded in 1995, this world-renowned technology giant originally started as an online boo
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12 - 05
What is Alibaba?
I. The development history of AlibabaIn 1999, Jack Ma and his team founded Alibaba Group to provide an online trading platform for small and medium-sized enterprises around the world. Since its inception, Alibaba has continued to expand its business scope, from the initial B2B e-commerce platform to
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Gold K lighting is a manufacturer of lamps dedicated to home lighting and interior lighting.Gold k lighting was Founded in 2010, the company has modern production equipment and advanced technology. The products and services sold have received high praise and recognition from customers and the market.